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Brent MacMillian Club Secretary VE3OTL

Brent is our illustrious El Presidente, who keeps us all out of the trouble, which we might wish to get into. He is a real promoter of Amateur Radio and has every major transceiver in his shack from 1949. It is quite a display! Rumour has it that he even has a new ICOM in a box that he never opened- unbelievable. Brent is a great CW op with the a couple of towers and yagis and the power to send us all squealing from the dicibels. He is also a car enthusiast who comes to the meetings and the Sunday Coffee with a different colour car, just every time. In addition to cars, Brent rides his mint Harley which, of course, is all wired for Amateur Radio. And unless I forget; his is one of the only guys in the club who can climb towers. The last time he did it, he was up there for a couple of hours- great going Brent!

Mike Chikoski VE3MHL Website

Mike is a video man who has done TV and real big time movies. When it comes to computers this guy is a wiz without compare. He can fix any software or hardware problem and set up a recording studio on a shoe string. Mike is the man behind the live streaming of our Basic Course on You-Tube. Thanks to him, anybody can go to the web site and take the complete radio course just by watching the video. Mike also created our web page and he has most kindly offered his time to maintain it. Once again this is bringing us into the arena of social media and thus potentially attracting the young generation. Mike is so generous with his time and his commitment to ham radio that he deserves all our thanks.

Elmer VE3DYR

Elmer is a long time Radio Amateur who has just about done it

all,including circular pipe antennas. His current interest is AIRES and

Homeland Security. If you see a car in town with an upturned umbrella for

an antenna, you have found Elmer Kars. Well be careful because Paul Kars,

his brother VE3GPM also has the umbrella antenna, but he drives a van.

Gerald Guzzo VA3WZT

Gerald is a former Physics teacher from the South, although he was born and

raised in the Soo. Gerald is also a recent Honours Graduate from our Basic

Amateur Radio Course. He attends Thursday Code Classes faithfully and

longs for the day when he can do a little Morse Code on the bands.

Matt Dunlop VE3BRD

Matt is one of the clubs newFPVfly guys. It means “first person

view.”Through a camera placed on his model airplane he can fly

it just as if he was sitting in the cockpit. This is exciting stuff which

you just have to see in action. The electronics on these airplanes

requires the use of Amateur Frequencies. In the event of an

emergency, Matt will fly his plane to providethe authorities with pictures

and maps of the disaster area. As is the case with all Amateurs, Matt

is willing to help out when life and property are at stake.

Ian Dunlop VE3IJD

Ian is the other half of the Daring Dunlop Duo. Like his brother before him, Ian is an Amateur Fly Guy. His work as a professional engineer does tend to keep him busy and sometime out of town, but his is a welcome addition to our Amateur Community.


Chester Kubis VE3CKE

Chester is a recent graduate of our Basic Course at Great Lakes Honda. He does not sweat the small stuff but keeps working until that final day when he can retire from the steel business and play radio.

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Dave Pitcher Past President 2017 VE3DPT

Dave is the Chairman of the Algoma Amateur Radio Club Repeater Committee and is the technician’s technician. There is not one problem in radio, electronics, or computers that will stump this man. The good news is he does not act like he knows it all, but he knows it all. Dave is the guy who installed the D-Star Repeater and that my friends is no easy task with all the lines of Linux that are required. He is our repeater go-to guy who keeps us on the air. Dave is recently retired steel man who plans on developing his CW skills so he can compete with the big guns.

Alan McLean VE3RET Club President

Alan is the expert in interference problems and regulations as he is a retired 

Industry Canada Radio Inspector. He keeps all of us on the straight

and narrow, but is also great source of knowledge in many aspects of

Amateur Radio.

Doug Levans VE3DXL

Doug is an old time blind CW op. His favourite line is to call you a bad

puddy, all in jest of course. Doug has recently acquired a new HF radio

and antenna system and has returned to burning up the airwaves.

John Zarechney VE3KOQ

John is the inventor and general tinkerer in the Ham Community. He has

built an air pressure bazooka device to throw a line up into the trees and

thus string an antenna. Recently in a club meeting he demonstrated a Spot

Welder made from the guts of an abandoned Microwave oven. A year ago he

was handing out his own design of a clamp which would allow you to flip a

green board and thus allow soldering on both sides. Keep up the good work

John, but stay away from cyborgs.

Peter Szilagyi VE3ADQ

Peter is a professional Telecom Engineer who has a MaSc in PowerElectronics.

He taught Radio and TV at Sault College for several years. When it comes to electronics,not many more hams have a better background then Peter.

His favourite pass time is designing and building microwave receivers

and transmitters which he tests by sending SSB signals across Lake Superior.

If any word describes Peter, that word would be Active!

He has built a 60 foot 160 meter vertical and recently he demonstrated

to the club, the construction of a 2 meter Yagi. His intention is to stack

these Yagis so he can hit the repeater from his Goulais River location.

Also Peter is the Director of Activities for the club and has provided

many an excellent presentation on various aspects of electronics.

Keep up the good work Peter, but stay home once and a while.

Rolly VE3RJ

It’s all in the call. Rolland is an Amateur TV enthusiast who has been on the air locally for many a year. He has videoed our club meetings and events and has transmitted them on a regular schedule all with his own money and tremendous expenditures of time. Recently, along with Mike VE3MHL he has come up with a way to transmitting video, capturing it and then live streaming it on You-Tube. Rolland has helped to move us in the direction of social media and thus connect to the young future amateurs out there. Now if you want to see something interesting, ask him to send you a CQ on Morse code. He can do it with all 5 fingers- unbelievable. We have to get that on You-Tube.

Richard Macnaughdon VE3RLN

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